Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your Metabolism and the Holidays

I love the word thermogenesis. It's the creation of heat in our bodies when we eat.
Maybe it happened to you this past week. You found yourself at the Thanksgiving table with your family. They brought out course after course of food, right down to the mints. You were sure you would put on weight, because you were eating way more than your usual amount of food.
To your pleasant surprise, something happened instead. At first, you may have had trouble sleeping on the night of your huge meal. You may have felt hot, or started to sweat, even though your bedroom was cool enough. The next morning, to your surprise, you were either the same weight, as always, or had actually lost weight. How did this happen?
Your body was struggling to get back to its familiar weight and turned up the thermostat! The extra heat burned off the extra calories and you didn't gain weight.
Your body won't do this forever. You only have a few meals like this to enjoy, before your body starts getting lazy and used to the new amount of food. That's why most of us gain weight during the holidays.
Here's where Metabolic Nutrition comes it. As you eat more and more of the foods that are perfect for your Metabolic Type, you will refine your body's metabolism. It does this by keeping your chemistry balanced. No extra heat required, so you won't even lose any sleep or suffer with night sweats! It becomes easy to stay at your ideal weight throughout the holidays.
Now you can indulge yourself at all those parties you have been invited to!

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