Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hormones Gone Crazy!

Diabetes, Thyroid, PMS, Menopause and Stress are all media headliners. Because our hormonal feedback pathways are so complex, being out of balance is a hazard for many in our modern world.
With Metabolic Nutrition, half of the focus is on the hormonal systems of the body. If one of my clients turns out to have a hormonal dominance, as their Metabolic Type, it is supremely important for their health to find out what foods they should be eating. Not getting enough sleep, suffering with excess stress, and above all eating all the wrong foods can send a person into a hormonal tail spin.
The good news is that the effects of just a few lifestyle changes can have great significance in improving your overall health. Preventing Diabetes and stabilizing Thyroid issues adds years and years of quality to our lives. Isn't it worth the effort to find out if you should be eating spinach or broccoli. That's an example of one of the small changes that the Metabolic Nutrition program suggests - simple, tasty and easy to accomplish.