Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome to the World of Metabolic Nutrition

This is the brand new home of the Metabolic Nutrition Family of practitioners and their happy clients.
Since the Metabolic Nutrition program doesn't fit into a neat little sound-bite, we'll have some room to stretch out and share some great stories and some sound science.

Here's what one of our clients had to say just last week.....

"My contest prep has been going great and I'm easily the most shredded I've ever been. It's gone so well that I've decided to do a competition 5 weeks earlier than I was planning AND I think I have a great shot at winning my class and subsequently, my pro-card."
Continuation of the story....
"The metabolic typing has worked wonders. I wound up taking 2nd in my class! It was a close call but my conditioning is what pushed me that high up in the first place. I came in harder, more defined, and more balanced top to bottom than anyone in my class so I was very, very pleased with that since it's truly the only thing in one's control. So now the season has begun and I have three more shots--albeit very tough shots--at a Pro-card."

Michael Lipowski, CFP
President, Pure Physique LLC

After almost 100 years of science, done by researchers who studied our metabolic individuality, Metabolic Nutrition is able to take the best of the best information and create a simple program that's easy to follow. All food groups are represented and you will be eating whole, fresh foods, not some shake or powder. This is not a fad diet, it is a comprehensive nutrition program.
We are looking to share with our visitors what we have discovered about how our bodies use the metabolically matched foods we eat. For you newbies, there will be lots of free information about how to follow the program and find the motivation. You will immediately see how your health will benefit, and enjoy our user friendly tips, food substitutions, recipes and cooking classes!
Our clients report back that their allergies have cleared up, acid reflux is gone and they are sleeping much better. These kinds of improvements come once your body heals from the "sins of the past" and starts getting the foods it really needs.
Again, welcome. Visit often. There is much more to follow.