Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Early Birds get to listen

Have a wonderful holiday but remember to get a good night's sleep on Sunday. "Why?" you ask.
Bright and early Monday morning 12/29/08 @ 7:05 a.m. EST to be exact, you'll be able to get all the information you'll need to start making those New Year's Resolutions to get in shape, loose some weight and eat right.
Frank Truatt of radio WTBQ out of Warwick, NY will be interviewing Christine Sotmary about all the latest developments in Metabolic Nutrition and how to best nourish your battered body after those holiday parties that will leave many of you feeling tired, bloated and packing a few more pounds.
Listen by clicking the station link above and then the icon on the right of the station's home page to stream online, or if you are local to Warwick, dial in to the shows @ AM 1110 or FM 99.1.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When drug companies study themselves

This study has been making the rounds of the airwaves this week. People with normal cholesterol levels are being told they need to lower their cholesterol even more to avoid a heart attack.
My observations are that the same company that makes Crestor, the recommended drug, did the study. Not my favorite way to fund objective science. They also ended the study early, at the point where they got the positive results they were looking for but before they studied the possible negative effects of long term use of this $1,200 a year cholesterol lowering drug, including increasing the possibility of developing diabetes.
Metabolic Nutrition is a much more natural way to lower the inflammatory process in the blood vessels and reduce the possibility of a heart attack without the awful side effects. Having your pH levels and blood sugar levels balanced all day long creates the perfect metabolic environment for health and happiness.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Variety truly is the Spice of Life

Immediately following your Metabolic Test results, you’ll receive your food plan. You'll notice something important about it: all food groups are represented. No matter what your Metabolic Type turns out to be, there will be a variety of vegetables to choose from in planning your meals and delicious grains to match your metabolism needs as well. In fact, vegetarians can flourish on either one of the Metabolic food programs. For the carnivores there are healthy meats. One program offers lighter fish while the other suggests a fattier fair. It’s all easy enough to find something to order in most restaurants. Each list has a variety of dairy products to choose from including yummy yogurt. Yes, the Type 2 food program has a longer list of nuts and fats, but Type 1's also get their due amount of fats to cover this category. Both menus offer plenty of variety to keep you interested in your program for the long haul. That's why so many people are still following their recommended program many years later.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Scramble to Stay Healthy

Let's start with the idea that our bodies are on a very small playground when it comes to chemistry. We operate best at around 7.47 blood pH--or acid/alkaline balance--with little wiggle room around it.
OK, what about living? We are constantly asking our body to compensate for the effects of how we live our lives. The weather tries to change our pH , our activities change our pH, and even stress has an effect. Therefore our body often needs to scramble to get our blood back to its correct pH.
Our best tool for stabilizing our chemistry is the food we eat. For about 9 hours a day we are digesting. What a great opportunity to coax our pH in the right direction! And no, we are not all acidic and need to eat alkaline fruits and vegetables. I, for one, skew to the alkaline side when I eat and need to sit down to a meal of lighter foods to make me a bit more acidic. My fellow alkaline skewing humans who are a different Metabolic Type need heavier, fattier foods filled with purines to make them balanced. Let's just say I need to bring my own sandwich when I go over to their place for lunch.......
PH balance is an overlooked area when it comes to nutrition, but a profound tool in allowing people to help themselves and stay far away from the doctor's office........except for that annual checkup.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleep and eat for your Health

Sounds like a fun prescription, sleep and eat!! Scientists also recommend being happy and no one can deny that being healthy feels pretty good too. All these lifestyle adjustments directly improve our mood and health but sleeping a lot and eating according to your Metabolic Type are fun ways to get you feeling like a barrel of monkeys on a holiday picnic. Life is meant to be enjoyed so don't set that alarm clock! Rest and digest! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hormones Gone Crazy!

Diabetes, Thyroid, PMS, Menopause and Stress are all media headliners. Because our hormonal feedback pathways are so complex, being out of balance is a hazard for many in our modern world.
With Metabolic Nutrition, half of the focus is on the hormonal systems of the body. If one of my clients turns out to have a hormonal dominance, as their Metabolic Type, it is supremely important for their health to find out what foods they should be eating. Not getting enough sleep, suffering with excess stress, and above all eating all the wrong foods can send a person into a hormonal tail spin.
The good news is that the effects of just a few lifestyle changes can have great significance in improving your overall health. Preventing Diabetes and stabilizing Thyroid issues adds years and years of quality to our lives. Isn't it worth the effort to find out if you should be eating spinach or broccoli. That's an example of one of the small changes that the Metabolic Nutrition program suggests - simple, tasty and easy to accomplish.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Metabolic audio blog

Metabolic audio
Click on the POD button at the Metabolic audio link site to be able to listen to the discussion between the 3 leaders in Metabolic Nutrition from both the east and west coast clinics. They share their successes and their enthusiasm for why Metabolic Nutrition can help so many people. Find out what it is, why it works so well and how you can benefit.
Please share this with your friends and loved ones who are struggling with their sluggish digestion.