Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Variety truly is the Spice of Life

Immediately following your Metabolic Test results, you’ll receive your food plan. You'll notice something important about it: all food groups are represented. No matter what your Metabolic Type turns out to be, there will be a variety of vegetables to choose from in planning your meals and delicious grains to match your metabolism needs as well. In fact, vegetarians can flourish on either one of the Metabolic food programs. For the carnivores there are healthy meats. One program offers lighter fish while the other suggests a fattier fair. It’s all easy enough to find something to order in most restaurants. Each list has a variety of dairy products to choose from including yummy yogurt. Yes, the Type 2 food program has a longer list of nuts and fats, but Type 1's also get their due amount of fats to cover this category. Both menus offer plenty of variety to keep you interested in your program for the long haul. That's why so many people are still following their recommended program many years later.