Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Scramble to Stay Healthy

Let's start with the idea that our bodies are on a very small playground when it comes to chemistry. We operate best at around 7.47 blood pH--or acid/alkaline balance--with little wiggle room around it.
OK, what about living? We are constantly asking our body to compensate for the effects of how we live our lives. The weather tries to change our pH , our activities change our pH, and even stress has an effect. Therefore our body often needs to scramble to get our blood back to its correct pH.
Our best tool for stabilizing our chemistry is the food we eat. For about 9 hours a day we are digesting. What a great opportunity to coax our pH in the right direction! And no, we are not all acidic and need to eat alkaline fruits and vegetables. I, for one, skew to the alkaline side when I eat and need to sit down to a meal of lighter foods to make me a bit more acidic. My fellow alkaline skewing humans who are a different Metabolic Type need heavier, fattier foods filled with purines to make them balanced. Let's just say I need to bring my own sandwich when I go over to their place for lunch.......
PH balance is an overlooked area when it comes to nutrition, but a profound tool in allowing people to help themselves and stay far away from the doctor's office........except for that annual checkup.